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All Black People Need to Conceal Carry.

An 18 year old white boy open fired in a Buffalo, NY grocery store to enact a hate crime. He killed 10 people and wounded 3. The first thing I thought was I was someone had a concealed weapon to protect themselves and others in that grocery store.

Every time there is a mass shooting there is a debate about gun laws. Whether to make it harder or easier for civilians to own and carry firearms. As a Black man, a Black husband, and a Black father, I firmly believe in the right to conceal carry a firearm.

There have been mass shootings at churches, grocery stores, and movie theaters. No place is safe. I just went to the grocery store today. I worried if the shooting in Buffalo encouraged some other white guy to proceed with his hate crime.

I live in Maryland. A Blue state. Gun owners are only allowed to purchase 10 round compactly magazines. I don’t like this law. I wish I lived in a Red state with more generous gun laws.

Most gun owners just drive over to Virginia where you can purchase higher compactly magazines, but it’s the principle that Maryland believes a 10 round magazine is enough to defend yourself against a mass shooter who is carrying an assault rifle and wearing protective tactical gear.

If you’re someone who gets a lot of practice with your firearm then you may have the skill to disarm a shooter wearing protective gear. But having firearm skill and confidence takes consistent practice.

If you don’t have the skill to disarm a shooter with 1 or 2 shots then at least you can have a 15 to 20 round magazine to subdue the shooter while you and others run to safety. I imagine in the moment of a life or death situation a novice shooter can burn through 10 rounds in seconds.

Another problem with this mass shooter is that he left obvious signs that he planned a shooting way a head of the day of his attack. It really makes it look like people don’t take white boys seriously. People always assume that white boys are just “boys being boys” until they unleash the demon that sits and waits deep down in their heritage.

This shooting just further motivates me to own a firearm and become confident in my firearm skills so I can defend my family against anybody who is unfortunate enough to have a psychotic meltdown and shoot people who have nothing to do with your mental instability.

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