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So I Can Talk To Jada But Not Talk About Her. Got it.

At the end of the day, Will still ain't Tupac.

So Will Smith smacked Chris Rock for saying a joke about his wife’s bald head at the 97th Oscars. I can understand why it’s not all that funny since Jada’s bald head wasn’t a fashion statement but caused by the disease Alopecia.

On the other hand, it’s not a deadly disease. It is simply a disease that causes the immune system to attack it’s own hair follicles. Jada spoke about her disease in 2018, so it’s not like it was a secret. And if Jada felt embarrassed being bald then she would have worn a wig. That doesn’t mean she has to be comfortable with someone making a joke about her head, but she did sit in the front row and if you ever watch a comedy show then you know the comedians usually pick on the people sitting in the front rows.

The internet has reacted with mixed feelings and of course a lot of satire videos and memes. Some people praised Will for “defending” his wife while most people thought he took it too far.

I think Will took it too far. It didn’t prove anything other than embarrassing himself once again because of his wife. Ever since Jada revealed her entanglement (it’s called an affair) at the Red Table, I think Will has heard a lot of things said about his wife and the final straw was Chris Rock.

What better way to show the world that you’re nothing to play with than to slap someone at the highest award show in Hollywood?

But Will accomplished the opposite. He became the joke of the Oscars. Will Smith won his first Oscar for best actor in King Richard, but nobody is thinking about that. Will won the highest award in his career and it was overshadowed by reacting to a joke.

This won’t put a huge stain on Will’s career. Chris Rock isn’t going to press charges. Chris is just going to make a joke about it and boost his career. He should capitalize on this moment by making a Netflix standup called “You Can’t Say Jokes Anymore”, or something referring to the Oscars incident.

As for Will, everyone is just shocked that Will showed such aggression. This guy has always been seen being goofy and laidback. We all know he’s human. We all know he can experience other emotions other than laughter. But it’s the fact that Will always acted mature even when he’s being goofy. People expect that kind of behavior from one of these gangsta rappers, not the legendary Will Smith.

Everyone knows Will and Jada are in an open marriage. It’s hard to take Will seriously when you let other men sleep with your wife but men can’t make a joke about your wife. I guess it’s because their entanglements are done in private while the joke was seen by all his peers.

At the end of the day, Will still ain’t Tupac. Slapping a comedian at an award show where security can summon within seconds is not the same as slapping a known gangster at a casino.

1 comment on “So I Can Talk To Jada But Not Talk About Her. Got it.

  1. Joyce Reid

    Well said Cameron. Thanks for including the already known Alopecia issue and the Red Table discussion regarding the Smith’s marriage also known. I don’t know much about the Will Smith’s except the tidbits I catch when one of them does ‘something’ .
    What the heck happened here?
    There was a better way for Will to express his displeasure with Chris Rock’s comment and that slap was not it.


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