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We All Have The Same Access to God.

When me and Ashleigh moved in our new apartment, one of the first things she wanted to do was ask our Pastor to come over and bless our apartment. I agreed and mentioned it to our Pastor after church on Sunday, but two months later we still haven’t made a date for him to come do it because life has distracted us.

This morning I was reading Seeking Wisdom by Julie Cameron. In this nonfiction book it talks about prayer and having a personal relationship with God. While reading I got a thought that we don’t need Pastor to bless our apartment. We can bless our apartment ourselves. 

We all have the same access to God. There is no hierarchy to speaking to God. In Christianity we subconsciously put Pastors and other religious leaders on a pedestal that can do both of us a disservice. Like how a Pastor in Oklahoma thought it would be a good idea to literally spit on a man’s face to demonstrate a Bible verse.

At our previous apartment, Ashleigh placed Holy Oil on all the windows and said a prayer in every room. We can do that and that will be just as effective if not more effective than Pastor’s prayer. No one can be more sincere about the safety of a home than it’s inhabitants.

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  1. Another well expressed thought Cameron!


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