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America Sucks at Planning, So I Can’t Afford To.

The Trump Administration failed to plan for the COVID-19 pandemic. Texas failed to plan for the severe cold weather. I thank God that me and my family have been doing good during this pandemic. My parents caught the virus but they survived through home remedies. I remained employed to provide for me and my wife. And thank God that we don’t live in Texas.

I’m not giving Trump or Texas an excuse for their lack of efforts, but I guess it’s hard for people to realize the severity of things when it’s never happened before, or not in a very long time. America hasn’t experienced a pandemic in over a century. Texas has never experienced severe cold weather. Unfortunately, there were fatal consequences for the lack of preparedness for both events.

It’s quite obvious by now that America’s government wants their citizens to be as self-reliant as possible. Well, most people want that for themselves, but sometimes people don’t have control of the circumstances that life brings like a pandemic or a long term power outage from extreme weather.

But this government has taught me that it’s best to live debt free and financially independent. The less I have to rely on the government the better.

That’s why it’s important to me to pay off my debts and save at least three to six months’ worth of savings. When people lost their jobs at the beginning of this pandemic, I’m sure it took most of them three to six months to get back to work.

Imagine how much better it feels to know that you have enough emergency savings to cover your bills for the next three months. And by filing for unemployment, you don’t have to worry about burning through all of your savings.

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