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My Experience with Racism.

I love how white people like to argue against racism and oppression because they grew up poor. Doesn’t it suck to be white and not benefit from all the whiteness in America?

I’m thankful that I never experienced racism on the job or with the police, you know, situations that can affect my income or take my life. But I have experienced racism in video games.

Last night I played Rogue Company and at the end of the match some white dude said You’re Black and you suck. Pick a struggle. He wasn’t talking to me because I wasn’t the character that he mentioned, but I still felt attacked simply because I’m Black. He spoke during the loading screen, probably on purpose, so I couldn’t figure out who was speaking to report him.

At the end of the day I just laughed about it. Like dang, this dude thinks it’s not just bad to be Black, but to be Black and suck at video games is a double whammy.

Of course, racism is no laughing matter. It’s sad that every year Black people have to say that it’s 2020, or 2021, or 2022 and we’re still dealing with racism. Black people thought that America was moving in the right direction when we elected our first Black President in 2008,  but President Trump pulled back the curtain. Racism in America never really changed, it just went into hibernation.

White people only hide their racism when it affects their money. Racism benefited white people during segregation because keeping Blacks out of their business was good for business.  Nowadays, you’d think it’s Black history every month because white people support us in the most sympathetic ways.

I’m sure some white people have a genuine heart, but I’m not going to applaud you. White people don’t deserve an applause for marching during BLM protests, or putting social justice quotes on the back of NBA jerseys, or for anything.

White people today don’t want to be blamed for the sins of their ancestors. Technically, you’re not to blame. God’s not going to count against you in heaven for what your ancestors did, or even for what your parents did.

But white people today still benefit from their ancestors, and that’s the problem. There’s still slave money floating around that’s keeping white families in the top 1%. But I don’t blame you for ignoring it. If I was you I’d ignore it too. But I’m Black, so fuck you.

You didn’t ask to be born white. I didn’t ask to be born Black. But we’ll act accordingly until the end of time.  

 And I love how white people like to argue against racism and oppression because they grew up poor. Doesn’t it suck to be white and not benefit from all the whiteness in America? The only reason y’all fucks with Black people is because you know you’ll never have a leg up on Black people. All it takes is a winning lottery ticket for you to transform into a dragon.

 Since white people like to say Facts don’t Care about Feelings. Well, here’s a hard fact to swallow. White people wouldn’t be shit without slavery. Y’all mofos sat on your porch drinking Nigga-made lemonade while slaves worked under the sun until the sun went down.

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  1. Joyce Reid

    WELL SAID‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


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