Doing the Word.

Today’s verse in the Bible App comes from James 1: 22-24. It says to not just listen to the Word but do the Word of God.

I’ve heard arguments that we no longer do what the Old Testament says because we are under the New Testament laws now. Like tithing for example. It is truth that we are not obligated to tithe but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or that we can’t tithe.

The problem is that many pastors preach like we’re still obligated under law to tithe, which makes them look like they’re greedy for money.

What I learned about tithing from a Christian, not a pastor, is that we should still tithe because it makes us generous people and it shows that we are good stewards of our money.

The Old Testament law said that you must tithe a tenth of your earnings. The good news about the New Testament is that there is no percentage obligation. You can start by tithing 5% or you can go above and tithe 15% to 20%.

Imagine that you make enough money and are such a good steward of your income that you can afford to give 15 to 20 percent of it away.

I wrote an article before about my thoughts against tithing. I wrote against tithing because I felt like I couldn’t afford to tithe so I self-justified my reasonings not to.

This is what happens when we listen to the Word and not do the Word. We self-justify our actions which leads to self-destruction. The ultimate self-destruction is hell.

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