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Sexualization of Black Women Has Always Been the Main Focus.

Youtube rapper, Tom McDonald, said in his “Fake Woke” video that people like him get criticized and Cardi B is a role model for 12yr old girls.

McDonald didn’t say whether Cardi is a role model to 12yr old white girls or black girls. Those details are important since he’s white commenting on a Black woman. According to his lyrics, I’ll assume he meant 12yr old girls in general.

If so, then lets break this down. White girls don’t need Cardi B to be influenced by. In Cardi B’s latest music video “Up,” she’s featured twerking and kissing girls. Lady Gaga kissed girls in her videos and nobody said she’s a bad role model. Katy Perry made a song titled “I Kissed A Girl,” and nobody said she’s a bad role model.

White women are the most promiscuous women on planet Earth. White women make up over 90% of pornography. White women make up all the porn categories except the ones labeled Ebony, Latina, and Asian. White women have orgasms from getting pissed on, spat on, and thrown in the trash. White girls have all the bad influences they can get. They don’t need Cardi B.

 If McDonald meant that Cardi B is a bad influence for Black girls then he needs to shut the fuck up. Black girls have Michelle Obama (former FLOTUS), Amanda Gorman (the youngest inaugurate poet in U.S. History), Kamala Harris (current Vice President). Young Black girls have plenty of role models, but WHITE MEN are not going to promote these Black women.

I get that music has a bigger influence on the young generation than politics and poems. Cardi B does indirectly influence the young generation even if they are not her targeted audience. But the 90s kids, my generation, had Lil Kim but that doesn’t mean a bunch of 90s kids grew up to be like her.  

Would Cardi B’s video influence girls to kiss girls? Probably. But, those girls will figure out that they’re not into girls, or come to realize that they’re a lesbian and consider Cardi B their hero. Will teen boys masturbate to Cardi B’s sexual choreography and kissing scenes? Probably. That doesn’t mean their future is doomed to lust and womanizing.

If McDonald wants to call out women for being a bad influence, then call out Miley Cyrus who bared her whole breasts in the latest Rolling Stone magazine. There’s a plethora of horrible influencing white women to name, but you chose to pick on the Black woman just like the white American man you are.

2 comments on “Sexualization of Black Women Has Always Been the Main Focus.

  1. Joyce Reid

    Now this one, is one of if the very BEST that I’ve read since I’ve started reading your blogs. And it is so very TRUE. 🙌🏾👏🏾👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tyrel White

    But arent you just doing the same thing, criticizing a white man who criticized a black women, as a black man? How is your opinion on him, any better than his opinion on Cardi? Hypocrasy comes in many forms, and this is just another one.

    This is just the pot calling the kettle black.


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