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So We Have to Introduce Ourselves with Pronouns Now?

Why are people describing what pronouns they go by? My wife is taking virtual college classes and when the students introduce themselves, they have to state what pronouns they go by like she/her, he/him, it/who, they/someone.

It sounds stupid to hear women say they identify as she/her and men saying they identify as he/him. I assume that people have to do this because weirdos want to change their gender as young as three years old.

There was a time when common sense told people how you identify because there was a clear image of a man and a woman. This time wasn’t too long ago either. I’d say like 10 years ago. And I’m not saying that a manly image has to be clean cut with a suit. You can tell a metrosexual man is a man. You could tell that a tomboy is a woman.

God clearly made the image of a man and a woman, so there is no need for us to identify ourselves with pronouns. It’s not like people can’t tell the gender you were born with anyway. Being born a man and saying you identify as she/her doesn’t change the fact that I can see you were born a male. Most of y’all transexuals look like manly women and feminine men.   

But let me stop because I don’t care what you do with your body as long you don’t attach a bomb to it and blow me up. Do whatever you want with your body as long it’s not going to harm me.

The issue I have is that I will at some point in time have to introduce myself by stating that I identify as he/him because of transexuals.

If you’re a transexual then you can identify yourself by your pronouns, so people won’t get you confused and hurt your feelings. I’m not transexual so I shouldn’t have to identify myself by pronouns. It’s quite obvious that I am man. Many people have called me a pretty boy but nobody ever confused me with being a woman. I just better not get no Equal Opportunity complaints for refusing to use pronouns or I’ma flip shit.

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