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First Impressions of the Xbox Series X.

I managed to buy a Series X from GameStop when they announced the bundles.

I tested the Series X optimized games and I can see the graphic fidelity in Madden 21 and NBA 2K21. I can also tell that Black Ops: Cold War is running at higher framerates.

But at the same time the lack of Series X exclusives kind of puts a damper on the excitement of a new console. I like my series X simply because Xbox is my main console and I bought the ultimate editions of many games last year to get the free next-gen upgrades.

I feel like I’ll be more excited to buy a PS5 because they have exclusive games right now. I want to play Demon’s Souls but it’s a PS5 exclusive. Could I have waited to buy the Series X? Yes, but I wasn’t expecting for my purchase online at GameStop to go through and when it did it felt like winning a lottery for how hard it’s been to get the next-gen consoles.

I had a 4TB external HHD for my Xbox One X. So far the Series X only has a 1TB certified SSD, so I can’t download all the games I had before. Hopefully, Xbox makes marger TB SSDs.

But I’m having a lot of fun with the higher framerates on the Series X. And I know that I can play all these games on a gaming PC, but it’s still a better experience on a console because the game is optimized to run a steady 60fps or 120fps. On PC, you have to manually alter the graphic settings to get the frames you want and sometimes it still doesn’t work.

I have a 2070 max-q GPU in my laptop and I’ve only been getting 30-50fps in Modern Warfare. I turned down the graphic settings and my drivers are updated. PC gaming is more complicated because if something isn’t working then you have many components to troubleshoot to fine the error.

I rarely had hardware or optimization issues, and when there were issues there usually was a fix on Microsoft or the game developers. For PC the errors are usually on the PC hardware.

So even though the Series X lacks exclusive games it’s still worth the upgrade if you have play the games that have next-gen upgrades. But if deciding to get the Series X or the PS5 then I suggest to go with the PS5.

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