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Why Some People Achieve What They Really Want.

I just watched a Harris Heller’s YouTube video on how he makes $150,000 in passive income. He said when he first started YouTube him and his wife were surviving off $50,000 a year. He spent his day working his 9-5 then he would sit in bed editing his YouTube videos until 4am. He rarely watched TV, he wasn’t getting much sleep, but he did have time to work on his craft. Everyone has different levels of risks they can take but everyone has the same 24hrs in a day.

He also spent his income back on his craft. This is the major takeaway that got from his video. Do not waste your money on things you want, instead invest it into your craft and things that can bring you a second income like in the stock market. This is easier said than done since I recently bought an Xbox Series X. But if I’m allowed one hobby then its going to be gaming.

I wasn’t happy often going to work in the Army, so to bring myself happiness I justified spending my money on materialistic things to make myself feel greater than I was. I often used my Platinum American Express credit card at restaurants and other places just to stunt.

The only reason I had a Platinum Amex card is because the annual fee was waivered for military service members. The issue by using this card is that anything that is charged under $100 has to be paid in the next billing cycle. There were times when I got a few hundred dollar monthly statements that would cause me to take chucks out of my savings to pay the statement.

I was detrimental to my savings just to live a lifestyle that I felt like made me happy. At the end of the day trying to keep up with the Jones makes no one happy no matter how rich they are. Keeping up with the Jones is not just about how rich you are because even if you are rich, simply buying things to impress other people puts you in the category of keeping up with the Jones. Keeping up with the Jones is not just about how much money you spend. It’s about how far are you willing to go to be Liked.

People naturally choose the path of least resistance. The people who achieve what they want push beyond this nature to reach their goal.

Some people are successful because they don’t focus on the resistance when pursuing their goals. They simply get done whatever they have to get done. This doesn’t mean that they work harder not smarter. Harris Heller eventually hired someone else to edit his videos. Doing so provided better video content from someone who specialized in editing, and it allowed him to work on other projects and things that he’s better at.

The ones who achieve everything they want has something to do with blessings, but also they are the ones who push past resistance. They don’t focus on the sacrifices they’re making like less social life and less entertainment. They don’t think that if it can’t get done by bedtime then it has to wait until tomorrow. They think that if they’re awake and they have time, then they have things to work on.

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