If I’m Gone Cheat I’ll Keep My Ring On.

Since the first year me and my wife got married she has suggested that we get wedding ring tattoos. At first I was against it because we spent at least $1,000 on each of our rings so I didn’t see the point of getting a tattoo and waste the money we spent on our rings. 2. We’re newly weds, lets ensure this marriage can survive for at least five years before we make permanent marks on our bodies. I know the vows include until death do us part, but you know, shit happens…

My wife recently mentioned the tattoos again and I asked her why does she want me to get a tattoo so bad as if our rings are not enough? She jokingly said that she don’t know what I be doing with my ring when she not around.

This insinuated that I could be taking my wedding ring off when I’m alone in public to pretend that I’m single.

I thought to myself that if I wanted to cheat then it would make more sense for me to keep my wedding ring on. Here are is the reason why.

  1. If I’m going to cheat with a woman then I rather keep my ring on so she knows that I’m married. That will minimize the possibility of drama because she knows that I’m married and is cool with it. If I go to a bar and take my ring off to pretend that I’m single, and I hit on a woman and I get her number and what not–then someday she finds out that I’m married; she can easily find a way to contact my wife and say that I’m out here creeping like I’m single. If she’s looking for someone to settle with and thinks I’m single then it’s going to hurt her when she finds out I been lying to her. So she’s going to hurt me by telling my wife even though she knows it’s going to hurt my innocent wife too.

It would make more sense for a woman to take her wedding ring off at a bar if she wants to cheat. Because if a man sees a woman sitting alone at a bar but notices a wedding ring then he can assume that her man is there with her, but he probably went to the bathroom or somewhere else in the bar with his buddies. Or, that she’s there with her married girlfriends.

If a woman hides her ring at a bar and the man she talking to later finds out she’s married, he is less likely to reach out to her husband and tell him she out there creeping. Men don’t have that kind of G-code. In fact, it strokes a man’s ego to know he smashin’ a married woman. And the deeper their secret relationship grows the more his ego is stroked.

A wedding ring or a tattoo is not going to prevent a man from cheating. The only thing that will keep a man from cheating is his desire not to.  

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