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Why Can’t Black Women Have An Attitude?

After the Vice President debate I logged onto Facebook to see what people had to say about it. I saw many comments from my Republican friends that VP Harris had an attitude, made rude facial expressions, and acted like a typical mad Black woman.

I didn’t see Republicans comment on the rudeness and disrespect that Donald Trump expressed during the Presidential debate. Republicans excused his behavior as he’s a businessman and passionate about what he does.

That’s a problem with America. When a white man gets an attitude it’s because he’s about business or he has a valid reason. Anytime a Black woman gets an attitude she’s being irrational.

During the Presidential debate President Trump had his arms folded half the time, he disrespected Joe Biden’s son, he consistently interrupted Biden, and he completely disregarded the authority of the moderator.

I made a comment on Facebook that President Trump is a bully, and someone responded that President Trump is just passionate about what he do. So, Vice President Harris can’t be passionate about what she do? It’s a debate. A debate is not a conversation over tea. It is a battle of opinions, facts, and beliefs. There will be interruptions and facial expressions, and this is okay as long as it does not get out of hand.

I watched the VP debate and both of them maintained professionalism. In fact, Vice President Mike Pence was the main one going over his talking time. People who refuse to criticize President Trump and any other Republican are people who are slaves to a political party. Some people can have nothing positive to say about the Democratic Party but won’t question a word that ever came out of President Trump’s mouth, and that’s scary.

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