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Why Do You Need The Next-Gen Consoles Now?

I wonder how long it will be until stores are stocked with next-gen without them being soldout as soon as the stores open.

It’s crazy that people are going crazy over these next-gen consoles that are not fully next-gen yet. Most games to play are current-gen with graphic and framerate upgrades, which means something, but its not (I have to spend $500 now) worthy.

It looks like most people are excited about the gamble of securing a next-gen console than actually excited to have it. Most of the reviews I read about the next-gen consoles have been positive, but most reviews suggest that it’s not so great that it’s a must buy now.

That’s mainly due to the lack of exclusive next-gen games. On the PS5, the only next-gen game I care to play is Demon’s Souls. Thankfully, Spider-man Miles Morales is also released on PS4, and the game runs pretty much the same on current and next-gen PlayStation.

Demon’s Souls could have released on PS4 too. I don’t know why it didn’t since it’s just a remaster on PS5 and not a new AAA game. I sure the PS4 Pro could handle 60fps with upgraded graphics too.

I tried preordering an Xbox Series X in September just to see if I could but I wasn’t stressing about it. I know some people had multiple computers up trying to secure a next-gen console. The hardware upgrades and the next-gen upgrades on current-gen games are worth the try, but there’s nothing about these next-gen consoles that make it a try hard purchase now. I kind of want to wait until special editions of the PS5 release so I can throw it in the faces of all those who desperately wanted to buy a PS5 now. I bet a black edition will be next, and then a special edition of a PS5 exclusive.

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