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I Already Switched to Windows and I Might Switch to Android.

I bought my first Macbook in 2008. I can’t believe I survived for 5 years on 2GB ram with that thing, but that was a testament to the power of Apple. I also been an iPhone user since the iPhone 6.

Macbooks had the best feeling keyboard on laptops and I started college majoring in English, so having the most comfortable keyboard was essential. And apps like iTunes and GarageBand turned me on to Apple.

But now Android devices have caught up to the competition of Apple. The keyboard on my Alienware laptop feels more comfortable than the on my 2015 Macbook Pro.

The Macbook Pro 16” is more powerful than the Dell XPS 15”, but you get more bang for your buck with the Dell. I now see Apple as the Mercedes-Benz of computers; you’re paying for the performance but you’re also paying for the brand and you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck unless social status is a bang for you.

The Macbook Pro 16” starts at $2700. If you add AppleCare for $300 then you’re spending $3,000 for a base model.

I can get a 17” Dell laptop with a 10th gen i7 CPU, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 with Max-Q, 32GB ram, and a 4K display for $3,000. I can edit videos and photos in 4K and have a GPU that’s capable of playing AAA games at 60fps.

There are only a handful of AAA games available on the Macbook Pro which most gamers would rather play on their console or a Windows PC. Macbook was never designed for gaming, but if I can get more performance for a Windows laptop at the same price of a base model Macbook Pro (not even including gaming) then it makes sense to go with Windows.

I remember when I took my 2008 Macbook home and opened it I was happy to be a part of the Macbook club. Owning a Macbook back then was a symbol of being a creator, writer, and someone with money like people who drive a Benz. But I also remember feeling like there wasn’t much to do on it. I played with GarageBand a bit, but any serious music producer isn’t using GarageBand.

I bought a new Macbook Pro in 2015 and when I opened it I felt the same in 2008. I felt that new electronic excitement but that excitement quickly diminished because it was the same boring Macbook with just a better resolution, audio, and other things I don’t even remember now.  

 I’m typing this article on my Alienware laptop that I bought in 2019 for $2300. It has a i7 CPU, 16GB ram, 1TB SSD, and a NIVIDIA 2070 Max-Q GPU. I love it. It’s not as synchronized with my iPhone as my Macbook was, but that’s not a big deal to me. I love my Windows laptop because it’s just more versatile with everything else in this world. Apple has it’s own world.

I no longer have to save my Page docs as Word docs. Even though I could have downloaded Word for Mac, but if I’m going to use a Mac then I want to use Mac apps.

I can play any AAA game I want at 60fps or more on my Alienware. I chose a 1080p resolution over 4K to play games up to 240fps so I can’t edit photos and watch movies at UHD, but I can always buy a 4K monitor if I get into professional photo editing.

My iPhone is the last Apple product that I own and since Microsoft released xCloud Gaming where I can play AAA titles on my phone, I’m seriously considering switching to Android. Apple has Apple Arcade which requires a $5 monthly subscription but I’m not interested in playing the majority of it’s games.

Apple just announced their Apple Watch series 6 and compared to the Galaxy Watch 3 there isn’t much a difference other than the design and that Apple has a lot more apps for their watch, but I’m sure that I will find most of the apps that I’ll use are available on the Galaxy. Apple almost sold me on the blood oxygen measurement until I found out that Android watches had it first.

 Unless the iPhone 12 has features that I can’t refuse and are not available on Android (I don’t think it will) then I just may go with a Galaxy Note20 and use my fancy pen (iPhones don’t have pens) to write more about why you should switch to Windows and Android.

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