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Why I Choose To Switch To E-books.

When E-Readers started to get popular with the iPads, Nooks, and Amazon tablets I was one of those people who said that I could never switch to e-eaders. I loved going to the bookstore and choosing a new book to read. I loved the smell of a new book. But now I feel like bookstores are becoming more of a place to just drink coffee and work on your laptop than a place to find new books. When I was really reading books I was in college carrying a backpack everyday so carrying books was ideal.

Now that I’m in adulthood I no longer carry a backpack to work. And if I did, well, Stephen King is one of my favorite authors so carrying one of his thick books would just take up space.

An e-reader has many benefits. E-books are often cheaper even for new releases. I can read a sample of an e-book before I buy it instead of being in a bookstore and having to stand there and read the except and flip through a few pages and google reviews on my phone to finally make a decision if I want to buy the book.

E-readers allow me to read at night or in bad lightening. I don’t like to waste energy in my home so I either have lights off or have them dim. When I want to read at home I have to turn on multiple lights so I won’t strain my eyes trying to read the pages. When I want to read in my bedroom while my wife is sleeping I have to tilt my lamp at an angle where the light shines on the pages so I can see them. It’s a hassle. It’s a lot easier to read e-books in the dark without disturbing someone else. When I want to read on the go I often forget to bring my book with me. And I hate it when my bookmarker falls out and I have to remember where I left off.

Sometimes I want to read more than one book at a time and carrying multiple physical books is just unreal. E-readers allow me to carry and read multiple books at a time. I don’t have to worry about remembering to pack any books. As long as I got my E-reader I know I got my books.

The only downside I see to e-books is that you can’t resale them when you’re done reading them, but I could careless about that. I’m considering buying an Amazon HD 8. I thought about an iPad mini because I have an iPhone and a Macbook and my mom has an iPad and I like hers. But all the iPads are overpriced for what I want to use a tablet for. I literally just want a tablet for reading books, news, and a bit of internet surfing.

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