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Just Buy What You Want.

I accidently damaged my laptop screen early November so since then I been looking for the best deals on laptops that also have the specs I want. It is now December 26 and I still have not bought a new laptop because I keep going back and forth between laptops that have great prices but are not exactly what I want. I can customize a laptop to exactly what I want but it’s not exactly in the price range that I want.

When it comes to technology, it’s best to buy what you want for the quality and longevity of contentment than to buy something that is somewhat what you want just because it’s on sale. I’ve seen many laptops for great prices but it’s always a spec that doesn’t meant my wants like the hard drive isn’t big enough, or the graphics card isn’t what I want, or the overall design of the laptop isn’t appealing.

Instead of consistently searching online for the best deals it’s best to just pay the premium price for exactly what I want and be happy with the quality and design of my laptop for years to come than to compromise for something cheaper and still day dream about what I really want.

But, there are things I don’t recommend buying exactly what you want like a car. I much rather compromise some things I want in a car and stay in my budget than to buy a car with everything I want that is out of my price range. I rather sacrifice the premium sound system and newer model for an affordable loan payment. Buying a car outside of your budget will have a longer and greater impact on your financial stability than a laptop.

It also matters on what you’re more passionate about. I’m more passionate about my gadgets than the car I drive. If you’re really passionate about cars then maybe it’s okay to buy the car you exactly want if you’re willing to budget on other things.


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