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People in the Ministry Profession should live Humbled Lives.

Evangelist David Turner bought Tyler Perry’s Atlanta home for 17.5 million, saying that “God told me to buy this home.” The house is a 34,668 square feet estate which includes an infinity swimming pool, a lighted tennis court, a fully equipped gym, a spa, a theater, and much more. It is the most expensive home to ever go on the market in Atlanta.

I have a strong feeling that God did not tell Evangelist Turner to buy that house. I believe Turner bought the home simply because he wanted it and could afford it.

Ministry is one of those professions where your personal life heavily dictates your credibility. Would you trust a financial advisor who couldn’t manage their debt and filed bankruptcy? I hope you wouldn’t trust them. So would you trust an evangelist who lives a life well above their means while there are many people around them suffering?

I’m not saying people who are in the ministry profession can’t enjoy the finer things in life, but its important that they live a humbled lifestyle–you know–like how Jesus did, the Biblical man that they’re suppose to mirror their life on. I don’t believe God would put someone in ministry to make millions of dollars just to spend it on mansions, private jets, and all the high fashion. God would want a rich minister to spend their blessings on helping their community.

I remember something my former pastor said. He said that when he goes out to eat he wouldn’t even order a smoothie because the restaurant puts smoothies in the same glass as they do alcohol and he didn’t want his members to even think that he had an alcoholic drink.

Even if you know you’re doing the right thing if it’s a possibility for people to take it the wrong way then you shouldn’t do it unless you don’t care about what people think. In ministry you can’t afford to not care about what people think.

If you’re an evangelist then how am I suppose to believe that you’re out in the world with people who need help if you live in a mansion where everything you want and need is in one location.


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