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Should You Have Children for Legacy Purposes?

When Kings and Queens ruled the majority of the world, and social status based on bloodline it made sense to have children for legacy because your legacy was largely based on your children. Kings still govern some nations, but a President governs the United States. A new president is elected every four years, so bloodline does not matter. In American history only two father and sons were president and the sons were not elected because of their fathers, but because of their campaign.

In America, legacy is determined by what you do on earth. Your children are just another face on the earth, and their legacy is determined by what they do. Michael Jackson left kids after his death, but no one cares about them. Jackson’s kids are not musicians, they cannot dance, and they do not inspire millions. They are just Jackson’s offspring living the good life that he left behind.

Nobody knows who Michael Jordan kids are. So it would not matter what they do if they did not follow their dad’s footsteps and play professional basketball. Americans are only proud of the kids who can fill their parents’ shoes.

Laila Ali is an example of the “American Legacy.” Laila became a professional and won ten championships. She retired her career with 24 wins and 0 losses. The only problem with Laila’s boxing career is that she is a woman and nobody cares about women boxing.

If I choose to ever a child, I am having a child because I am ready to put myself second for a while and put another life first. Because I’m ready to be selfless in ways that I have not had to before. People say that you’ll never be entirely ready for a child. Bill Gates quoted “You’ll never be 100% ready. Just start.” Well, I do not see it being a logical idea to have a baby regardless of how ready you feel.

Look at it like this. You’ll never be 100% ready to go on a run. Before the run, there would always be more stretching you can do, more water you can drink, better shoes to wear, a better route, better terrain. But the fact is when you hear that gun pop you have to take off regardless of how ready you are.

But, when people are about to run they are prepared for it for the most part. Not 100% ready but ready for the most part. I know I’ll never be 100% ready to raise a child, but I at least what to be ready for the most part. That’s financially ready, mentally ready, career ready, etc. Beyoncé probably has some obstacles with motherhood but I have no doubt that she was ready for the most part.

When Beyoncé had her first child she was beyond the peak of her career so she could take a break without hindering career progression. Financial ready is a no-brainer. See, I still have goals I want to accomplish, I have money I need to save. I’m three years shy from 30. Of course, I don’t want to be pushing 40 and having my first child, but if life deals me those cards then so be it.

My legacy will be what I did on this earth and how happy I made my life. If you want to have kids because you believe your legacy is from leaving kids on earth then do that because that will make you happy and when you feel like slapping the shit out of your kid you’ll remember why you had them in the first place. As of now, my legacy is getting as much as I can out of this world and achieving goals. I’m not completely opposed to having a kid, but if I do it’ll be because I simply want to raise a child, not to fulfill my legacy.

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