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Should You Unfriend People You Disagree With.

I know many people who make posts on Facebook talking about how they just unfriended someone who said something racist, or had an ignorant opinion about politics, or simply said Stephen Curry is better than Lebron James. People unfriend people all the time over the most minor or major offenses, but why? 

I have social media friends that I disagree with on sensitive topics like politics (Democrat vs Republican), social movements (Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter). I have social media friends that I disagree with on minor topics such as sports and music artists. 

I recently deleted a Facebook friend who posted a picture of President Trump shaking hands with former President Obama. The caption said “Here is a photo of Trump grabbing a pussy.” There is a difference between having opposing political views and just being outright stupid and disrespectful. 

Some people only want social media friends that agree with mostly everything that they agree with. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics like race, religion, politics, etc. I know some people who unfriends anyone who has the audacity to argue on their status. 

I actually like having friends with opposing views because it opens my mind and either changes my perspective or makes my opinion stronger. I have one Facebook friend who I always argue political views with. The debates never get disrespectful and at the end of the day we respect each other’s point of view. 

The type of people you should unfriend are those who post disrespectful comments and say things that they know they can’t say in person.  There’s a different between reading an opposing view and reading something that would piss you off for the rest of the day. 

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