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What does it mean to accept the way God made you?

A friend on Instagram posted a selfie of himself with the caption “I used to be self-conscious about being skinny but I’ve accepted who God made me to be.”


I thought that he didn’t have to accept being skinny. All he had to do was hit the gym to bulk up. Some people are born more stocky but no one is born with a beach body. All the athletes you see with good looking bodies took years of training to get that way.


I understand that its not that simply for every skinny guy but you have to start somewhere. Some guys have genetics that give them advantages in certain body parts. Like I have good genes in my arms so it doesn’t take long for me to develop big biceps but I have to work longer and harder to build my chest and legs.


But being skinny is not something you have to accept. Accepting the way God made you is more for things you have no control in changing. But these days with the right amount of money or motivation you can change everything from your weight, skin color, and sex. If you want to gain or loss weight your best bet is changing your eating habits and making the gym a priority.


If you’re self-conscious about being white then just lay in the sun everyday. If you’re self-conscious about being dark skin then you more so will have to accept the way God made you.


Some people are born with mental disabilities that have to be accepted. While some mental disabilities can be controlled or altered with medication, spirituality, or mental exercises.


If you’re born with crooked teeth simply get braces like I did.


If you’re born into a poor family it doesn’t mean that you’re destined for a life of poverty. You won’t have much control over your poverty while growing up, but once you’re old enough to make your own decisions and to start creating your own life you have the power to use your resources to ensure that your future will be wealthier.


There are things that we cannot change about ourselves that we must learn to accept, but there are also many things that we can change about ourselves if we just trust the process.

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