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When you were a sinner and didn’t seek a relationship with God did you ever think that God’s wrath was upon you? No, okay. So when you decide to become a Christian and someone does you wrong, why do you say to them God will judge you? If you have a relationship with God and truly know His power then why would you wish His judgement upon somebody?

This is a problem that I have with Christians. Many Christians ask for forgiveness for their sins and expect blessings for their good deeds like tithing and other things, but when someone does them wrong they threaten them with God’s wrath. Half of the problems in this world probably have nothing to do with the devil, but are caused by Christians using God’s name to curse one another. 

I remember speaking with a woman about having doubts on getting married because of my financial situation and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to share my finances with someone else. The woman told me that you shouldn’t be afraid to share your money or God may put you in a situation where you have to spend your money. She used God’s name to try to scare me into doing something that she believed what was right. Instead of listening to my fears and using God’s name to help me find understanding, she used Him to curse me. If I did end up in a situation where I was forced to spend a large amount of my money then I would blame that woman for speaking it into existence.

Do Christians not know that when they use a spiritual being to curse someone then that is witchcraft? I often hear the term “I’ll let God deal with you,” which is another way of saying that you have no power to enact the judgement that you wish so you sit back and wait for something bad to happen to the person you’re mad at and assume that it was God’s judgement. If it was God, then that makes you a witch. If it wasn’t God, then you still believe that you have the power to call on God’s wrath and now you think that no one can ever hurt you again because if they do then God’s wrath is waiting for them.

I also hear many Christians say to others “You should be careful of how you treat God’s children.” So you’re saying God only avenges His believers? Does a Christian who gets raped deserve more justice than a nonbeliever? Nonbelievers Lives Matter. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself God’s child. You should be mindful on how you treat anyone. Its like you should be mindful of how you treat Christians because they can use divine judgement on you just as you should be mindful of how you treat cops because they can throw you in jail. 

Look at Dylan Roof. He walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and killed 9 Christians during their Bible study. Thats one of the most evil attacks against Christians in the history of the United States. If anyone should receive the max of God’s wrath it should be him. Some of the family members of the victims have already stated that they forgive him. Why? Do they forgive him because they are in the public eye and want the world to know how great God’s love is by having the grace to forgive a psychopathic murderer? I don’t see how Christians can say they forgive a murderer but will curse their cheating spouse. Probably because forgiving a murderer takes greater divine power than forgiving a liar.

Although, having that divine power is spiritual. Forgiving those who done you wrong whether taking a loved or from you, or a loved one breaking your heart. Forgiving the most heinous acts against you doesn’t mean that you got over it, but it means that the pain is too great for that you have to put the burden on God so your life won’t come to ruin by pain. But dealing with pain is a whole other conversation thats too long to write for just a blog post. 

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  1. Just Ash

    Everyone is a sinner. I believe you are looking for nonbeliever or non-follower (yes, non-follower… just because you believe in God does not mean you follow God) … I’ll use non-follower for the sake of this post. Non-followers don’t think that God’s wrath is upon them because they don’t think in terms of God. They don’t have the relationship with God that would enable them to understand or believe in something like God’s wrath. That is the difference between someone who is a follower and someone who isn’t… different knowledge and beliefs. Also, another difference is that you acknowledged God and chose to have a relationship with Him, and in that, you are held to a different standard… in that you are supposed to KNOW that God will judge you, again – knowledge. And saying to someone God will judge you DOES NOT mean you are saying you WISH God’s wrath upon them. Was it said that someone wished God’s wrath upon you? Was it said that God would judge you (because God judges all, this is a fact for believers)? Was the message THOROUGHLY understood? If someone said they WISH God’s wrath upon you, then that is messed up.
    Are you a Christian? And what makes you think said Christians did not experience God’s wrath or someone didn’t wish God’s wrath upon them when they did wrong? Expecting blessings and forgiveness does not negate an expectation of punishment. You make it seem like Christians expect all good things for themselves and only bad things for others? And saying that the issues in the world are cause by God allowing people to put curses on one another in His name and not the devil seems a bit… I don’t know, maybe I am misreading that part? I don’t agree with the sentiment though.
    If you had big enough doubts to make you not want to get married, you should not have gotten married. And if you married a women who you feel “used God’s name to try to scare me into doing something that she believed what was right” then that is foolish on your part – if you married someone because you let someone else “used God’s name to try to scare me into doing something that she believed what was right”, that is foolish too. If you feel God has cursed you from said union, maybe you should leave it? If you asked for advice and that was the response – that was simply her advice – your receival of it is completely on you. Maybe you should have prayed on it? Instead of blaming others for YOUR situation.
    Explain cursing someone… explain witchcraft… Maybe I am lost but a true child of God wouldn’t curse someone… and if so, do they have that much power over GOD, that the curse would come to fruition??? I don’t think letting God deal with someone means that a person has no power, so they will wait for bad things to happen…. Maybe it means: I can’t deal with this, so I will let God handle you… I could do things like lower myself to your level and get back at you, do to you what you did to me and worse, or do things to mess with your lively hood, but instead I will let God take care of it and pray for the best outcome??????? Maybe????
    And you said, “If it was God, then that makes you a witch.” So, are you saying witches are good which negates your whole point or that God is bad which again begs the question are you a Christian… what are your faith views? I am curious.
    And God’s children expect to be treated with decency, and if they are not, yes, they do expect God to take care of the situation… a perk of being God’s as long as they are doing what they are supposed to do.
    Also: “You should be careful of how you treat God’s children. So, you’re saying God only avenges His believers? Does a Christian who gets raped deserve more justice than a nonbeliever? Nonbelievers Lives Matter.” That is extremely dramatic. Be careful how you treat God’s children because God’s children are special in His eyes. But that doesn’t mean He doesn’t love everyone. Example: If you ever had a child… and something happens to that child at the hands of another – as a parent, you take special care of that child. It doesn’t mean you could care less about other people’s children, but YOUR child is SPECIAL TO YOU.
    And if people are mindful of how they treat others, then there would likely be a lot LESS cursing going on wouldn’t you say?
    And yes – you should be mindful of cops – they CAN throw you in jail.
    Sucks – but FACT.
    ALSO – WHO said any of the people in that church who forgave Dylan Roof would NOT forgive their cheating spouse? And WHO said someone who didn’t forgive their spouse WOULD forgive a murderer??? That is a vast reach.
    And it takes divine power to FORGIVE PERIOD! Forgiving a murderer you never met, who you can even pity might just be easier than forgiving a spouse who you know, love, care for, take care of, do for, put up with, deal with, someone who was supposed to love and care for you, never lie to you, and someone who you would trust over anyone else in the world and who is supposed to put you first – that might be hard to forgive that kind of betrayal.
    “Forgiving the most heinous acts against you doesn’t mean that you got over it, but it means that the pain is too great for that you have to put the burden on God so your life won’t come to ruin by pain.”
    And this is exactly why people say they will let God deal with others.

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