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How I Moved On To E-books.

I used to hate people who read E-books. First of all, E-books threated the lives of bookstores. Barnes&Noble is the only Fortune 500 bookstore left, and a huge reason why they are still surviving is because the company created their own e-reader, the Nook.

Back in my college days, I loved going to McKays, a used bookstore where I can find many books for low prices. I loved the excitement of ordering new hardcovers online from BN and touching the newly printed paper as I read and moving my bookmarker closer to the end of the story.

In college, I always carried a backpack, which made it easy for me to carry my fiction around. Now that I’m out of college and into my career I no longer carry a backpack, so sometimes I forget my book at home, or when I’m home I’d leave my book at work. I also had more free time to read. Even though I work a 9 to 5 I still don’t have as much free time as I did in college when my days ended at as early as 12:00PM.

Sometimes I work later than 5:00PM, and sometimes after work I like to workout at the gym so it’s easier for me to read books on my phone. I already do so much on my phone now. Back in college, I had an actual clock for my alarm, a real calendar for my schedule, an iPod for my music, I didn’t use my phone for anything other than texts, calls, and Facebook.

Now I use my phone for everything–my alarm, my calendar, my music, finances, and other apps. It’s a lot more convenient to just pick up my phone and read a book whenever I want since its always with me.

When I’m out at lunch reading my book and I see a well-written sentence that I want to highlight (I’m a writer too and often highlight sentences for inspiration) most of the time I don’t have a highlighter on me because I don’t carry a backpack anymore. With E-books I don’t have to worry about carrying a highlighter because there is a highlighter feature on my phone.

I travel a lot because I’m in the military and its easier to have books stored on my phone than to travel with a box full of books every few years. So at this point in my life E-books makes reading fiction easier.

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