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My Mother Is Not Your Soldier.

After the Florida High School shooting where 17 people died, President Trump considered having teachers armed to protect students during mass shootings in school. This is a stupid idea and is just something to do to make people feel a bit safer.

My mother is a retired teacher. And I do not like the idea of my mother having to learn how to shoot a weapon and risk her life to save your kids. My mother is not your Soldier. She didn’t raise her right hand and swore to protect the nation’s freedom. All she did was sign a contract stating that she will prepare her students to achieve at the next grade level. Thats all thats it. I’m sure my mother would risk her life to save her students because she loves them, but she should not be obligated to do so and possibly face jail time because she didn’t step out the classroom and shoot back.

Teachers having weapons inside the school increases the likelihood of a shooting. Now a shooter doesn’t have to sneak a weapon in the school because the weapons are already there. And where would the teachers conceal their weapons? Will teachers carry weapons on their person at all times so they can shoot back no matter where they are? Will the weapons be stored in the classrooms? If the weapons are stored in each classroom then how secure will it be that its safe from students getting their hands on it, but easily accessible for protection. I imagine the weapon being stored in a safe but the teacher is scared and can’t remember the code and is searching all through her desk to find the sticky note she wrote the code on.

All it would take is one teacher snapping and using that weapon to kill their students, and the weapons will be taken away from teachers. If Americans are trying to take away assault rifles from civilians because a few gun owners abuse the freedom, then it’ll only take a couple of teachers to kill their students before guns are taken right back out of the school system.

What happens when a teacher is firing back at a school shooter and hits an innocent student? Now, that teacher will have to live with a tragedy on their hands, training will have to be reassessed, and all other kinds of legal problems will occur.

The best thing America can do right now to prevent mass shootings is to raise the age limit to 21, create a stringent background check, and take every warning seriously.

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