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Who Cares What People Say.

People are always in the pursuit of happiness. We pursue happiness by the relationships we enter, the jobs we take, the materials we buy, where we live, by the things we do, and by the things we SAY. People will say whatever they need to in order to make themselves feel good about their decisions.

Those who drive economy cars like me will say that they don’t need a luxury car just to get from point A to point B, that gas is more efficient, that they don’t have to worry about putting too many miles on it, the maintenance is cheaper, and that luxury cars are just a social status symbol. These reasoning all make economy car drivers feel better about not having a luxury car, even though they probably day dream about driving a luxury car and built custom cars online when they’re bored, also like me.

People who drive luxury cars say things like Ford isn’t a reliable car, or once you drive a Mercedes you don’t want to drive anything else, or they like to feel comfortable. Is it ironic that I can’t think of as many reasons people use to drive luxury cars as I can for economy cars? From my perspective people who drive luxury cars simple buy them because they can afford them and because its a social status. The majority of the bells and whistles that are in luxury cars can be found in upgradable economy cars. I once heard one person say they don’t like luxury cars because you don’t get any bells and whistles. Its just all about the name brand and performance of the car.

Look at the Army. People who choose to leave the Army before retirement usually have many negative things to say to support their reason. Even when Soldiers have a positive reason to leave the Army like finding better career opportunities, going to school full time or the military isn’t for them, there are usually a trickle of negative reasons why they’re leaving too like their leadership ain’t shit, the Army is full of bs, and other things that boils down to the grass being greener on the other side.

Soldiers who choose to make the Army a career usually list all the benefits of being in the military such as getting paid to pay your rent, free education benefits, military discounts everywhere, a guaranteed pay check, and other things. But, these reasoning don’t make Soldiers enthusiastic and happy to wake up in the morning and put on that uniform. Most Soldiers who choose to make the Army a career do so because something happened in their life when they planned to get out, that made them think that its better to stay in a while longer. One Master Sergeant said she planned to get out the Army, then she reenlisted because she got married, and reenlisted again because she had a child. A Sergeant First Class said she planned to get out the Army, but stayed when she realized she had enough points to make E5.

Most Soldiers aren’t happy in the Army, but they tell themselves many reasons on why being in the Army is better than being on the outside just so they can have a sense of happiness, or at least appreciation when they put on that uniform every day.

Black men who are only attracted to white girls are not more attracted simply because they find white girls more attractive. Black men who like white girls have had negative experiences with Black women or have negative things to say about Black women, which makes it seem like white women are better. I once heard a Black man say that he likes white women because he’s too old to chase women, and white women don’t make you chase them. On the contrary, Black men who only date Black women usually have a lot of pro-Black things to say to support their reasoning to not give any other race a chance.

Even religious people come up with reasons on why they’re happier going to church every Sunday than those who don’t. When some Christians see people around them going through troubles they usually blame the reason of it due to their lack of faith. Or when some Christians see people around them going through financial troubles they blame it on their lack of faithful tithing.

When Christians are going through really good times in life they give credit to their church attendance because of course Christians don’t want to feel like they’re making a commitment to church attendance for nothing. When Christians have a financial triumph they give credit to their faithful tithing because Christians don’t want to feel like they’re giving money to the church for nothing.

Nonbelievers usually point out everything that goes wrong in religion and every time they see a Christian sin so that they can feel good about their decision to not attend church. People who don’t tithe say that they don’t trust the church with their money, or that tithing is an Old Testament rule, and other reasons to make themselves feel righteous about not tithing.

So, at the end of the day who cares what people say. People will say whatever they need to whether it is fact, false, or debatable opinion to make themselves feel like they’re living the best and happiest life they can.

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  1. This is wonderful.


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