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When Is It Too Late To Achieve A Dream?

Most accomplishments have an average age when people complete them. Most college students finish their bachelors degree between ages 21-25. Most Soldiers retire in their 40s. Most college students join a Greek organization between ages 18-21.

The oldest man to join my fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, was 89 years old. I don’t know what took him so long to join. I doubt he had obstacles holding him back his whole life to join a fraternity, but it is what it is. This 89 year old has to pay the same initiation dues that his line brothers have to pay, but the 89 year old is going to miss out on most of the perks that comes with being in a frat because of his age. He’s too old to party with the fraternity, he’s too old to stroll, he’s too old to even do some community services. We all join a fraternity for different reasons, but I know I’m not going to pay to join an organization if I can’t partake in all that the org has to offer.

If an 89 year old can still join a fraternity that is mostly ran by 18-21 year olds, then that is some proof that it’s never too late to make a dream come true because the only one who can stop you is yourself. But, there is a time when a dream becomes too late to be worth it. I don’t care why the elder man joined at 89, I just don’t see the point of joining a fraternity at that late of an age. I’ve seen men as old as 50 join a fraternity and even they asked themselves if they were too old to join. If God wills me to see 89 I’ll be thinking about writing my will rather than a joining a fraternity.

My dream is to publish a novel. There isn’t an average age to accomplish this. But I rather get published while I’m young so I can better enjoy the fruits of my labor than to publish my first book at like 70. Like when a 30 year old is driving a Porsche it looks like he’s really successful while a 60 year old driving a Porsche looks like it’s their retirement car that they been saving for their entire life. It doesn’t really matter when you buy a Porsche because achieving a dream is achieving a dream, but its a bit more sweeter while you’re young.

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