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How to be A Game Streamer.

If you’re thinking about streaming video games the first question to ask yourself is why? Do you have knowledge and skill on video games that you think other players will benefit from? Are you comedic when playing video games and think other people will find you entertaining? Do you want to earn money and fame by doing something fun?

Its important to be honest with yourself about why you want to stream because that will determine what equipment you need and how often you should stream.

I decided to game stream to challenge my creativity and productivity. I often felt like playing video games was just a stress reliever and a time killer. Often I felt like I could be doing something more productive in the real world than spending hours in a virtual world, so I thought that game streaming would make my game playing time more productive.

Budget. Game streaming isn’t a cheap hobby especially if you want quality videos that attracts a lot of fans. If you’re just gaming for your own fun and friends then you can probably do it for free. PS4 and Xbox One have free game capture features.

I spent about $2,000 total on my game capturing budget because I started from scratch. I bought an iBuyPower gaming desktop computer, Elgato game capture device, Snowball microphone, Logitech webcam, Camtasia software, two monitors, and a few other things. But, your budget all depends on what you want to do. If you merely want fans to see the game, a webcam isn’t needed. If you don’t add commentary, a microphone isn’t needed. If you already own a computer then that saves you $1200.

Gaming. It doesn’t matter whether you play PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. All three are game capture compatible. All three can be uploaded to YouTube and Twitch. It doesn’t even matter what games you play as long you make them entertaining.

What matters most is that you are playing games you enjoy, not playing a game just because it’s a popular stream game. I’ve seen gamers make The Sims 4 entertaining. And there are gamers who make Grand Theft Auto boring.

At the end of the day have fun. Don’t get discouraged by how many subscribers someone else has. Don’t be intimidated because their equipment is better than yours. And DON”T QUIT if you feel like you’re not gaining subscribers fast enough.

It doesn’t matter if you have the top notch equipment, streaming everyday, and are entertaining; it can take years before you reach your desired amount of subscribers. Its not a bad thing to imagine having millions of followers and making a living off video games. But, your focus shouldn’t be how fast you can get rich and famous. Your focus should be creating entertaining gaming content. If you’re not having fun doing it for free, then you don’t have the passion to do it for a living.

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