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Life Moves On.

Earlier this week a domestic terrorist sprayed hundreds of bullets on country concert goers killing 58 and wounding hundreds. It was named the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11–and people have already moved on. Some people who planned on visiting Las Vegas probably canceled their flight, or changed their hotel if they stayed at the Mandela Bay where the terrorist shot from.

My wife and her friends played their trip to Las Vegas back in August for one of my wife’s friend’s birthday. They also booked their stay at the Mandela Bay months earlier than the shooting. They all continued to visit Las Vegas and they continued staying at the same hotel. Its not that they have no remorse for the victims, but none of them knew the victims so the best thing they could do is pray for the families who lost and pray for this country.

They thought about changing the hotel, but its quite evident that the terrorist acted alone and since he killed himself there is a 99% chance of another shooting not happening unless someone wants to copycat. It would have cost them too much to change their hotel, and even more to cancel their flight. They recorded their celebrations in the club on Snapchat, drinking merrily. Many people in Las Vegas were mourning, and many people were still celebrating.

The Bible is so true when it says that there is a season for everything. And it’s a amazing how two people can stand side by side going through completely different seasons in their life. While Ashleigh and her friends are planning their next celebration during their stay in Las Vegas, others are planning a funeral.

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