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We Have A Long Way to Go.

My wife and I started watching The Game of Thrones this weekend. That’s right, season 1 episode 1. On HBO Now there are six seasons with at least ten episodes and each episode is around sixty minutes long. “We have a long way to go,” I told my wife. Then I exhaled a sign of grief as I thought about how much binge watching we need to do to catch up, even though we didn’t set a specific date when we want to finish with all six seasons. However, when my wife finds a show to binge watch, she is relentless with it. I Imagine she will watch some episodes ahead of me and I will have to catch up to her.

My wife told me that if I look at everything by how long it will take, then I won’t succeed at anything. I wondered how did she come up with a lifestyle quote over a comment about binge watching. However, she had a point, so I didn’t respond and just meditated on her comment.

Instead of focusing on the joy of watching GOT, I focused on how long it would take, which somewhat made me feel like not starting the show at all. Moreover, if I allowed those feelings to conquer, then I my wife would be right, and I would have failed to finish GOT.

As I reflect, this is why I haven’t finished writing a book yet because I’m too focused on finishing than enjoying the process. This is why I sometimes feel anxious about my marriage because I think about the lifetime commitment instead of taking it day by day. This is why I haven’t finished most of my video games because I’m too focused on everything I have to do to beat it than focus on the enjoyment of playing a game and the journey to the end. This is why I haven’t enjoyed much of my military career because since day 1 I mostly been counting down the days to getting out rather than focusing on what all I can achieve while I’m enlisted.

This is how you know you’re doing something you truly enjoy or doing something just to get through it. I recently bought a nice looking computer desk. I didn’t think about how long it would take to put together because I was excited about the process, and I didn’t want to rush it because I wanted to ensure the desk would be sturdy. When there is a movie I want to watch I don’t look at how long the film is because I’m enjoying how the story unfolds regardless of how short or long it is.

So, for now on if there is something I want to do I’m not going to focus on how long it will take. Thinking about a timeline is logical. I mean if you’re writing a school paper then you do want to acknowledge how long it will take you to write so you can turn it in on time. But, that’s when you make a schedule so you can enjoy the process of writing the paper. So, I’m not planning on binge watching GOT and I don’t really care when I finish the seasons, but I’m going to watch them whenever I want to and when I’m done, I’m done whether that be some months from now or next year.

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