The Divorce rate is 50%, But All The Advice I Received is Simple.

Most of the marriage advice I received when I was engaged for six months were simple words used in one sentence. They were

“Don’t go to bed angry,”

“Just talk it out,”

“Smile at her often, and make her feel wanted,”

“Don’t take everything too seriously and learn to find laughter in as much as you can.”

I’ve been wondering if its that simple to make a marriage work, then why is the divorce rate at 50%? It could be that Americans are so busy that no one had the time to actually give me detailed advice on how to make a marriage work, or it could be that people are divorcing because they forget the basic advice.

I’ve only been marriage for three weeks, so I don’t know much about marriage. But, what I know so far is that it is the small things that make me happy to be married. Like when I finished putting our computer desk together, my wife hooked up all my computer gear to it, or when I come home she has dinner prepared, or when I wake up in the morning she has my uniform prepared for me.

I think that when people get years into their marriage they start to forget to do the simple things that make each other happy, and those simple things blow up into bigger problems. Thats why so many people are reluctant to get married because they see marriage as a life long headache. Every marriage has its problems, but there is no universal rule that it has to be a struggle filled with heartache and pain. I believe if marriages that are on the rocks remember the basic advice they received during their engagement and honeymoon days, then a lot of their problems will stop and life will be peaceful.

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