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Calling Black People Boujee is an Insecurity.

Every Hip Hop fan has seen Migos’ video Bad&Boujee. There isn’t much Boujee to it. Most of the video is Migos sitting in a local diner style restaurant eating fried chicken and cups of ramen noodles–the stereotypical meal of a po black person.

The urban dictionary of boujee is high class,  ballin’, elite, rich.

The word is usually reserved for Black people who do things or own things that are outside the low class familiarity of the Black community. I was once called boujee for having a toaster. I didn’t know a toaster was an uncommon kitchen appliance for Black people. I assumed it was a basic household item. If you don’t have a toaster, then how the hell you make toast?

I don’t consider myself boujee at all. The way I live is merely a resemblance of the quality I want for my life.

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