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How To Save $1,000 Without Noticing

Saving $1,000 seems like an intimidating task. You’re probably thinking about having to save at least $100 a paycheck just to make it happen. Saving $100 every two weeks will give you $1,000 in five months, but some people cannot afford that in their budget. Saving $100 a month will take ten months.

I saved $1,000 in eight months. I didn’t put away $100 every two weeks, neither did I save $100 a month. I use an app called Qapital. Qapital saves money for you by rounding every purchase you make to the nearest $1 or more. Lets say you spend $7.50 on lunch. Qapital will transfer 50 cents from your bank account and put it in the app or you can have the app round to the nearest $2 and have $1.50 transferred.

This is how the app works. You create a monetary goal. Lets say $100. You can save as quickly or as slowly as you want depending on how many rules you set to the goal. Rules can vary from rounding to the nearest $1, transferring a fixed amount every week or month, or transferring $3 every time you buy a Starbucks drink. You can checkout the app yourself in your mobile app store for more info, but Qapital is a fun way to save money without having to manually transfer large amounts of money to your savings account.

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