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Alcohol Is A Money Guzzler.

Like most people, I consider myself a social drinker, but it still cost a lot of money to be a social drinker. The problem with that is you don’t immediately see the drain it’s causing to your wallet.

If you buy two bottles of Hennessy a month, that is $60 a month, $720 a year. You may be thinking that since you drink in moderation that you’re not doing much harm to your wallet. I’m not advocating that you should stop drinking because I remember having many fun nights with friends that included alcohol.  But if you think about all the more productive things you can do with $60 a month then you will think twice about constantly buying bottles monthly.

Here is a list of things that are more rewarding to spend $60 a month on than alcohol

1. Subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

Having these subscriptions will save you money on a cable bill, and its more useful than a bottle of alcohol that you’ll finish on the weekend. The cost of these subscriptions combined is $33 a month. Thats $30 less than buying two bottles of Hennessy a month.

2. Gym Membership.

Hennessy does nothing for your health. A gym membership does. My gym membership cost $40 a month. That is $20 less than two bottles of Hennessy a month, and I’m benefiting my body by utilizing a gym than throwing back shots of Henny.

3. A new book.

A new hardcover book from Barnes&Nobles will cost you about $30. $30 is expensive for a book but its a much better investment than spending it on alcohol.

4. Movie tickets. 

The best movie theater in my city cost $30 for two tickets, and spending quality time with friends for two hours is better than $60 and a hangover in the morning.

I like alcohol because I like having something to sip on while I write, or watching a movie. I like drinking with friends because it creates hilarious moments, but at the end of the day it is not worth putting a dent in my wallet. So, I already bought a bottle Hennessey before I wrote this post, so I’m going to at least skip buying a bottle for the next three months before the liquor store becomes a monthly subscription.

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