5 Tips to Have A Successful Engagement.

  1. Make the proposal meaningful. If the girl you’re proposing to is special then you should be creative with how to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. I took my fiancé on a long hike that was kind of difficult, and it ended with a waterfall. The hike meant that no matter how long and hard the journey is we can get through it together.
  2.  Ask her dad for his blessing. No father wants to receive a random call from his daughter that she’s engaged and he didn’t know about it unless his daughter is a total asshole and he can’t wait for her to be someone else’s responsibility. Asking the father for his blessing is traditional, and it shows respect. If you fear that her father will say no, then maybe to need to reevaluate the whole thought about asking her to be your wife.
  3. Help plan the wedding. I know that women care a lot more about the wedding day than men and the woman will have most of the say-so since her parents pay for it. That doesn’t mean you have no responsibility. It is your special day too, and one of the first and possibly most stressful planning events an engaged couple will go through is the wedding planning.
  4. Get Premarital counseling. This is one of the most important duties during the engagement. People treat counseling as the step to take when the marriage is on the brink of divorce, but the marriage is often too late to salvage by that time. Get Premarital counseling now. So far our counseling sessions have opened up concerns and dialogue that would not have been discussed otherwise. But, don’t treat counseling as a way to fix all of your problems before the wedding day. Counseling should correct some problems, but other problems can only be acknowledged and will take time to fix.
  5. You don’t have to fall in love to marry someone. Falling in love is just a western culture about relationships: we’re supposed to meet someone, fall in love, and live happily ever after. It’s great if you do feel like you’re in love, but don’t use that emotion as the reason to get married. I suggest waiting until the puppy love bliss is over, so you can have a clear mind to analyze whether your partner is someone you can spend the rest of your life with. I feel like I’m just not the type of guy to allow myself to fall in love. It’s a useless feeling the fades away. I chose to propose to my fiancé because she has proved to be honest, loyal, and is open to communication. I chose character traits that I would want ten, twenty, and thirty years from now. Many people in their twenties make beauty a top priority; beauty is important, but everyone ages and bodies change.

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