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It’s More Than A Sneaker.

I hear many Black people say that they hate Michael Jordan because he doesn’t contribute to the Black community and because his shoes are overpriced. I hear people say “I’m not buying his shoes, Jordan ain’t never did anything for me.” First of all, if you think Jordans are overpriced, ugly, or just don’t wanna buy them then don’t buy them and move on. You don’t need a moral reason not to buy Jordans. Secondly, people say “Jordan never did anything for me” but why do you feel like Jordan owes you something? Jordan has his lifestyle because of his work ethic, so unless you’re willing to go into work with the flu and give 100% then don’t complain about how Jordan lives his life because you don’t have the work ethic to obtain the same one.

Jordan owes no community anything. I agree that he should help those less fortunate than him especially in the Black communities, but whatever charity work he does it is out of the kindness of his heart which everyone should appreciate even if it’s not their community. Jordan has no obligation to put your child through college. Yeah people say that it takes a village to raise a child, but if I choose to have a child I’m going to make sure that I can still raise my child even if the village turns it’s back on me. I’m not going to sit back and expect the village to do all the work.

A friend of mine argued that Jordan inflates his shoes to make an artificial demand, which causes people to fight over his shoes. So what is your point? Jordan is a business man and you’re blaming him for making smart business moves. I don’t blame Jordan for people who stand in line for hours to buy his shoes. I blame those people’s parents and communities that failed to teach their child that there is more to life than a pair of Jordan shoes.

Black people say they want Black leaders, Black entrepreneurs and businesses, but when Black people become leaders and entrepreneurs it’s like they suddenly become an enemy to the Black community. Black people tend to find reasons to dislike Black leaders and businesses. Black people always want a discount to Black businesses. Black people say Jordans are overpriced but will pay full price for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, but let a Black person own a clothing line and the community will be looking for discounts.

The fact that Jordan isn’t locked up in prison or dead from gang violence shows that he has done a lot for our community already. Black people have to stop believing that money will fix all our problems. I’m not going to act like money doesn’t help, but we can’t hope and pray that our children become professional athletes or famous rappers and make a millions of dollars to sweep the community of all it’s problems. I look at it like this. If Jordan makes a college scholarship in my community for my child to use for college funds then I will apply my child for it, but I also will have a planned college fund for my child starting at birth, so when they ready to go to college they have all the money they need regardless of whatever grants and scholarships they use.

Stop evaluating Jordan for the price of his shoes or however much time and money he spends in the community. Jordan is more than shoes, money, and basketball. If you don’t want to spend your money on his product, then at least take the free knowledge from him. Learn from his work ethic on how to work hard, to never give up, to realize that you cannot be success all on your own. Jordan had great teammates that help him win championships. Jordan had flu symptoms and still came to work and gave it his all. But a lot of people will throw in the towel when they have the smallest obstacle.

Society thinks that Black people are lazy, but Michael Jordan defies that stereotype. His success may be stereotypical because it’s basketball and society assumes that Black people are naturally athletic, but as I said before, Jordan is bigger than basketball and if you cannot see that then YOU are the one who is harming the Black community.


2 comments on “It’s More Than A Sneaker.

  1. Not knocking the man and what he has accomplished. Probably the greatest we have ever seen. It just boils down to a situation where inner city youth buy his sneakers only to have their lives taken away from them. This has been happening for 20+ years now. When you are the face of a brand, accountability has to be there somewhere.


    • Still, accountability is for the community. No one expects Michael Kors to stop making purses just because women gets robbed for them. Guns will not stop being sold because civilians lose their lives.

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