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You Must Know Sports to Play Sport Video Games.

When I buy a new game, especially a sport game, I do my best to perfect my skills. I play a few instant games and practice modes to become comfortable with the basics. I put the gameplay settings on easy so I won’t get confused whether I am doing something wrong or if the gameplay is just really challenging. I like to watch the real sport to learn how the players’ skills are integrated into the video game.

For the past few years sport games have become more realistic to how the real game is played. The players aren’t merely skilled with percentages but their playing styles are personalized, and it does make a difference between knowing how the players on your team play in real life than playing every player with your style of basketball.

These are no the days when you merely have to memorize the buttons to shoot, pass, dribble, and block. These are no longer the days when your player has a high shooting percentage then you can press the shooting button any kind of way and make the basket, or just put the gameplay on Rookie mode and you will hit 99% of your shots. I currently have my gameplay on Rookie, and I still miss many 3PT shots because my feet weren’t set when I shot the ball, I release the ball too early or too late, or I had a player in my face instead of waiting until I had an open shot.

On NBA 2K16 I got drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in my first year. Whenever I got playing time I would mostly try to go for 3PT shots, fancy passes, ankle breaking crossovers, and mean slam dunks. Thats usually everyone’s goal in a sport game is to become the superstar of their team. But, with my current gaming skills, and playing with Lebron James, becoming the team’s star is unlikely. I will mostly be hurting my career and my team by trying too hard to do so. I got a better game grade when I played more like a team player by passing the ball, assisting for scores, getting steals and still passing the ball.

Eventually, my gaming skills and my player’s skills will be good enough to be the star of the team, but now my goals are to perfect my gaming skills and be the best team player I can be and some day with my gaming skills and my player’s skills I will be breaking ankles and having twenty-five plus points a game with the gameplay setting set to Hall of Fame.

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