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Does God Intervine in Football?

Aaron Rodgers, the starting quarterback for the Greenbay Packers, reportedly said that “God was a Packers fan” on the football evening against Seattle Seahawks. Rodgers, and Seahawks starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, are both Christians. So, was God really a Packers fan for them to win the game? Maybe Rodgers prayed for a win before Russell Wilson. Did God look at Rodgers as a more faithful servant than Wilson, so He gave him a win? Wilson has been reported saying that him and his girlfriend Ciara are practicing celibacy, so I don’t think there is a moral debate on who is the better Christian.

I don’t believe God dealt a hand in the Packers win even if Rodgers, the coach, or the whole team prayed for a win. If thats the case then I can pray for a million dollars and expect it to appear at my doorstep.

For example, when I was in college taking tests I sometimes prayed for God to help me pass. Sometimes I meant for God to give me the answers because I know I didn’t study. If God had given me the answers because I prayed for them then that wouldn’t be fair to the students who studied. On the other hand, if I had studied and I prayed for God to keep my nerves calm so I can concentrate and remember what I studied then I believe that is a fair prayer. I’m not asking for God to pass the test for me, I am only asking God to protect from things that causes a distraction.

I don’t believe that God was a fan of either football team. I believe that two quarterbacks used their God given talent to the best of their ability and the team that worked the hardest won.

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