The DuelSense Edge Controller review

I got my hands on the new PS5 DuelSense Edge controller. For those who don’t know, the Edge controller is the PS5 pro controller. It features trigger stops and back buttons which are essential for any pro controller but it also offers much more.

I’m a huge fan of pro controllers. I have played with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 1 & 2, and I have used Scuff controllers for the Xbox, Series X, PS4 and PS5. 

My favorite pro controller is the Elite Series but the DuelSense Edge has given Microsoft a run for it’s money.

Some key things I like about the DuelSense that the Elite Series does not offer are removable thumb sticks which means if a thumb stick experiences stick drift then I don’t have to buy a new controller like I had to do with the Scuff Instinct Pro and the Elite Series 2.

$200 is a lot of money for a pro controller, but replaceable thumb sticks saves a lot of money than having to spend a whole new $200. 

The DuelSense Edge comes with long back buttons that I’m used to and it also comes with half back buttons. I haven’t tested the half back buttons because I just don’t see myself using them unless I find out they’re better for a specific game.

The trigger stops have three placements. The default tripper pull, a medium, and then a short pull that is designed for FPS games. I have to say that the Elite Series shortest trigger stop feels much shorter than the DuelSense Edge, which puts the Elite Series at an advantage, but thats okay because since the release of the haptic feedback in the PS5 controller, I’m sure everyone felt that the PS5 primary purpose was not competitive players.

Even with a pro controller I still feel like the Elite Series 2 is better for competitive players. If I had to compete in a competition then I would rather use a Scuff Infinity4PS than a DuelSense Edge. That’s only if I had to use PlayStation controller. Otherwise I would always go with an Elite Series controller.

I do own a Scuff Reflex Pro but I rarely used it for the lack of instant triggers. The Scuff Reflex Pro FPS has instant triggers but it cost $250 compared to the DuelSense Edge for $50 less.

With the ability to add custom profiles to the DuelSense Edge and all the customization I already mentioned, I definitely recommend this controller over the Reflex Pro FPS and it’s cheaper. I think Scuff only got away with selling a $250 controller because at the time they were the only company that provided a FPS controller that also supported haptic feedback. But the Reflex Pro FPS did not have the option of changing the trigger pull so it’s a $250 controller that’s only good for FPS games, which is redictulous. But at the same time it’s not a complete dealbreaker if you don’t mind switching to your default DuelSense controller to play other games.

But now that the DuelSense Edge is released there is no reason to look at any other controller on the market. The DuelSense Edge is the best pro controller for the PS5.

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