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Systems can’t Reap what They Sow.

I’m doing “Searching For Wisdom” Bible plan in the Bible app. On day 11 the title is “Why Are You Blaming God.” It talks about how in Proverbs 10 God gives us a choice. We can act in a godly, biblical way, which will result in blessings (for the most part—could result in persecution). Or we can respond in a fleshly, worldly way which will have negative consequences (for the most part, worldly ways make the world love you).

The writer goes to talk about how you will reap what you sow.

As a Black man, I kind of have a problem with reaping what you sow because the Black community still feels like white people have not reaped what they sowed in slavery, racism, and segregation.

Well, they didn’t reap negative consequences. White people today are still reaping benefits from slavery, racism, and oppression.

I guess you can say they reaped death by hundreds of thousands of white people dying from the Civil War. Still, 40,000 Black men died in that war.

If Black people had reparations and equal footing after slavery then bygones would be bygones. But white folk sought in all human endeavors to ensure Black folk had disadvantages. From the wealth gap, scientific experiments, education system, taxes, politics, shall I go on?

Even today in this supposedly Woke era, it still feels like a gamble for Black people to receive justice for crimes committed to use by white people.

How can white people teach me about reaping what I sow when white people have benefitted from all the crimes they sowed?

 But at the end of the day have I reaped punishment for all the sins I sowed? No. But I haven’t benefitted from them either. If anything I was left feeling guilty.

White people don’t feel guilty. Especially today’s white people because they never were slave owners. They don’t wear white hoods. They’re not individually oppressing people of color.

And that’s the problem. White people don’t have to feel guilty about individual accountability because it’s not human sins anymore—it’s a system now. The justice system, politics, education system, taxes, capitalism.

 Systems don’t have to worry about reaping what they sow because they have no soul.

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