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Should The Church Still Ask For Tithes During A Pandemic?

I know the biggest challenge of paying tithes is not just making the payment for each paycheck, but to continue paying tithes even in hard times. There really is no better test to paying tithes than during this pandemic where millions of Americans have filed for unemployment with no real comfort in knowing when this pandemic will at least slow down enough for the majority of the economy to open again.

This is the time to penny pinch even for people like myself who are still employed. Most Americans who filed taxes in 2018, 2019, and 2020 received a stimulus check of $1200, which doesn’t cover a month’s rent for some people, but it’s something that helps.

Churches aren’t handing out aid checks to church members because paying tithes isn’t about receiving some of that money back in a time of need, it’s about having faith that God will provide in a time of need.

Well, it’s not like all tithe payers are protected from this pandemic while non-Christians and/or non-tithe payers are financially suffering. The ones who are protected financially from this pandemic are simply the ones who are considered essential people or have a career that can work from home during this pandemic.

But that is just the facts that we can see. I do believe that God blessed me to choose to reenlist for three years instead of two back in 2018. If I had reenlisted for two years then I would have left the military in July 2018, and who knows if I would have been laid off during this time now in my civilian job and applying for unemployment benefits.

I know many pastors preach that all God is asking for is 10%. If you have a $100 then all God is asking for is $10. When you’re unemployed, 10% is a lot of money when it’s not going toward a bill or groceries and you don’t know how long your savings will aid you because no one knows when it’s safe to open the economy.

10% is a lot of money when it’s going to churches who are merely doing Facebook Live sermons during this pandemic.

What we can do right now with our faith is continue praying that medical experts will find a vaccine sooner than later, that government officials will implement safe ways to gradually open the economy so people can go back to work, that social distancing while continuously washing hands and wearing masks in public is enough to drastically slow the spread of the virus.

Although, I’m still employed, I plan to leave the military in March 2021. I have an excuse to save as much money as I can because I don’t know if this pandemic will get worse when the economy opens or not. I can’t foresee what state the economy will be in by then. But I will continue to pay tithes because I’m blessed to do so and having faith means to not worry about things we cannot control and to know that God will provide.

If you’re living on unemployment benefits, then it’s understandable to hold off on tithes for a few months and put that money toward bills and savings. If your church is challenging you to continue paying tithes despite your current financial situation, then pray about it first and wait for God to give you guidance.

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  1. Eh…. I can’t say I completely agree, but I enjoyed reading!


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