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Is This Corona Virus Judgement From God?

I know many people are wondering if this Corona virus is a judgement from God. Some people aren’t wondering and have already declared that it’s a judgement from God. A judgement for the atheists, taking prayer out of schools, and other things.

The only way we can have confidence in our judgement on whether it’s judgement from God is to turn to scripture. If we read the Old Testament then it’s easy to assume that COVID-19 is judgement from God. The Old Testament is full of judgements from God. When God judged the world by destroying it with a flood. When God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their grievous sins.

But we don’t live in the Old Testament because if we did then we would have to shed animal blood to have our sins forgiven. We live in the New Testament where Jesus came to die for our sins. All of our sins are forgiven and we are free to live like Jesus.

For God did not send his Son into the world

to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

John 3:17.

And Jesus Himself clarified His mission in saying this:

“If anyone hears My sayings

And does not keep them, I do

Not judge him for I did not come to judge the world,

But to save the world.”

John 12:47.

We also know this by reading how Jesus lived his life on earth. Not once did Jesus strike people with an illness. In fact, He did the exact opposite.

While the sun was setting,

all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to Him;

and laying His hands on each one of them, He was healing them.

Luke 4:40.

So where is the Coronavirus coming from, if not from God? It’s simply coming from the fallen world we live in. It came from a deadly food market in Wuhan, China where people kept meats of wild animals like bats, and sold live koalas, wolf pups and snakes. Humans made this bed and we’re laying in it.

Does that mean God won’t deliver us from this pandemic?

No, just because we brought problems upon ourselves doesn’t mean that God won’t see us through it. God gave us the knowledge and tools to defeat this pandemic. What we must do is continue doing the practical like social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing facemasks in public. We pray to God to do the providential which is continuing to keep those who have not caught the virus safe, to prevent those who have caught the virus to give it to someone else or to catch it again. To give knowledge and skill to the medical personnel working on a vaccine so we can get rid of this virus and expedite the recovery of the economy.

I heard one church member say, “This pandemic gone end after God finishes smacking some people around.”

I wonder who are these people this church member is referring to? Because I know there are some Christians who feel like they been smacked around by this pandemic. There are Christians who caught the virus, Christians who are financially affected from this pandemic, and Christians who lost loved ones due to the virus.

If God used this pandemic to teach certain people a lesson then it would be obvious, but this pandemic is affecting everyone in some form or fashion. This pandemic is affecting everyone regardless if you’re a Christian or not. If you’re not financially effected by this pandemic and you didn’t catch the virus, then it’s not just because you’re a Christian and protected as if you painted a lamb’s blood across your front door.

And I’m not saying God has no control over who and how people are effected, but I’m saying this pandemic isn’t exclusive to anyone.

Even if God didn’t bring this pandemic upon us, He still had the power to allow it to happen.

There are many reasons why God allowed this pandemic to happen. I know many people have spent this alone time in prayer because I sure have. Many people are experiencing difficulties and are seeking answers that our government doesn’t have. People are realizing that their money, power, and fame can’t control everything and that we will always run back to God for help and answers.

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