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Alienware m15 Review

I bought an Alienware m15 laptop after Christmas 2019. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I can say that I have no regrets. I know many people say that Alienware is overpriced, but I think that the premium price is worth it.

I’ve been using Macbooks since 2009. I had the white Macbook in 2009 and then I bought a Macbook Pro in 2015. I chose to switch to PC because I’m into gaming and streaming, and PC is still more accessible with software and programs. Macbook is nice but it’s also really boring. And I think Macbooks are overpriced for their components. The only reason I see buying a Macbook is if you really like their exclusive programs like Logic Pro X and Final Cut.

I considered getting a 4K 15 inch Dell XPS for photo editing. Reviews said that the screen looked amazing, but the 4K display drains the battery life and I’m not into serious photo editing yet. Sometimes I just download photos to my iPhone and edit them there. And I also thought that 4K screens is new to laptops so that means professional photographers were editing photos on 1080p screens at one point in time and if it was good enough then, then it’s good enough now.

The specs I got in my m15 is an i7 processor, 16 gb ram, 1tb hard drive, 2070 max-q GPU, and 1080p 240hz display.

Alienware has the best gaming laptop design on the market. I spend a good amount if time researching laptops and no other laptop is as appealing as Alienware. The thing I love most about my laptop is the keyboard. The keys press deeper than the keyboard on my Macbook Pro and I just have a very good time typing. For writers, an Alienware keyboard is the best keyboard on the market. Even if you don’t game, the Dell XPS has a different keyboard and I read that it’s not as comfortable.

Other than the keyboard I love the rpg lighting on the keyboard and I like that I can change the colors on it and change the colors on the Alien logo.

Gaming is absolutely phenomenal on this laptop. I play Modern Warfare and I can really see the different between PC gaming and console gaming. I get over 100 FPS on the highest settings. The colors look good for 1080p.

If you don’t really care about a laptop’s design then there are options out there that have the same specs for a cheaper price, but I’m the type of guy that wants the whole package. I want the looks and performance and your best bet with those demands is going with Alienware.

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