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Social Media is a Popularity Game.

Lets cut the bullshit. Social media isn’t just for sharing memories with friends because quite frankly you don’t need social media to do that. I have addresses and phone numbers with all my close friends. Whenever I want to share something meaningful I call, text, and send to their address. I don’t need Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share with close friends, and if I don’t have your number in my phone, then it doesn’t matter how much we chat on social media, you’re not a close friend.

Social media is just a popularity game and each platform has their own rules. I’d say Facebook is the most professional and formal of social media. When Employers want to ease drop on employees they search for their Facebook first. Most people are reluctant to post club photos and their true feelings on Facebook because that’s usually where all their professional contacts are.

Instagram is the conceited game. The users who get the most followers are celebrities, very attractive people, photogenic people, comedians and outgoing people who know a thousand acquaintances.

Twitter is where shit gets real. Its where people post their true feelings about everything, even their boss. I don’t have any professional contacts on my Twitter and I do that on purpose. Plus, Twitter is the only social media platform of the three that allows pornography. Twitter is the honest game. You will gain followers for speaking wisdom.

I find myself spending a lot of time on my social media accounts because I’m trying to build my followers and my likes. If you read my post about Game Streaming, you know that I tried it because you can make money from it. Same thing with social media. Many people have started their careers through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Most of the people I know who became famous through Instagram are comedians or supernaturally attractive people. I’m not a comedian or gorgeous, but I do have photography skills, which I can take full advantage of on Instagram.

I know everyone believes they don’t care about followers, but no one can deny the satisfaction when you receive new followers. And, not the spam followers, but real people you either know, or are a valuable contact. No one can deny the satisfaction of receiving many likes, and when you get more likes than you usually do.

I’m not on social media just for friends. I don’t need an app to communicate with people I met in person. I need an app to communicate with people online so we can conduct business in person.

1 comment on “Social Media is a Popularity Game.

  1. therealdirtysouth

    Your article is curious because while it is believed that the famous and/or the beautiful attract the most followers I’ve seen quite a few people on this very website that were neither beautiful or publicly famous but had 15, 16, even 18 million followers, simply because they were interesting. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) since it is “social media” and not a runway or a casting couch, being “interesting” is far more valuable then the others combined.


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