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Where are the Black Character Lead Video Games?

I was playing Final Fantasy XV. I’m not a seasoned fan of Final Fantasy, so this is my first experience with playing the game. After putting in a good amount of hours into the game, I realized that this game lacks diversity. So far I’ve only seen two Black characters in the game. One Black character is a cook at a country outpost, which is such an insignificant title compared to the many other characters. It feels like the developers made the character Black just to say here is a Black guy so you can relate in some way.

The Black cook’s purpose in the game is to give side missions, tell about hot spots in the area, and serve food, much like how white people think of Black people in real life, that we’re just here to serve their needs and play no significant role in the greater scheme of life. Then, I ran into a Black female character, once again, the only purpose is to give a side mission.

The four main characters of the game are white, and all other characters that contribute to the main story are white. The only game I ever played that had a leading Black character was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but that was too easy to have Black characters given the fact that the game itself is an intense violent, gangster, crime filled video game. What a coincidence that San Andreas is all about rival gangs, living in the hood, and committing crimes; that takes no talent to develop for Black characters. That is just following the stereotypes that plague our community in real life.

The farthest I ever get with playing with a lead Black character is playing games where the main character is customizable like Dragon Age. But, the A.I. characters are all white except for the one playable Black female character, which allows me to have the attitude of “its better than nothing” but I want more than just something, I want a game where all the main characters are Black.

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