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2017 has already taught me that I am 100% responsible for my choices. No matter the circumstance, or the influence of the people around me, at the end of the day I am responsible for the choices I make. It can be as simple as going to an ice cream shop, and you’re looking at the vanilla flavor, but your friend tells you to try the chocolate. You get the chocolate and it’s nasty, so now you’re mad at your friend for telling you to get chocolate. It isn’t your friend’s fault that you chose the nasty flavor even though you trusted their judgment.

One day I was driving, and my fiancé called me to see if I can pick up a pizza. I knew that talking on the phone while driving was illegal and dangerous, but I chose to put the phone to my ear, a cop saw me, and I ended up getting my driver’s license suspended for 30 days. I was so angry at my fiancé because she often called me when I got off work to get things from the store. It always irritated me because I was often tired and stressed coming from work, and my fiancé got off from work before me so I often asked myself why couldn’t she get it when she got off. If she didn’t feel like going to the store to get something she needs, then why would I feel like stopping at the store for something that I don’t need?

At first, I put all the blame on my fiancé, that if she could be more independent and do things for herself unless she needs me, then she wouldn’t have called me, and I wouldn’t have gotten pulled over. That incident happened five months ago, and I’m just now accepting the fact that it was my fault for getting my driving license suspended.

My phone has Bluetooth capability so that I could have answered my phone handsfree, or I could have just ignored the call until I was able to stop driving and call back. It would help if my fiancé doesn’t call me during the hour I get off work, so there will be no temptation to answer the phone while driving, but ultimately if I answer the phone, then it will be my choice and my responsibility to deal with the consequences.

Its a dangerous life to live always blaming someone else for your mistakes.

People blame others for their choices because its easier to make someone else feel guilty and responsible than to look in the mirror and admit that you made a dumb decision and you brought the consequences upon yourself. Its easier for me to say it is my fiance’s fault for me getting my license suspended by calling me rather than me accepting that I made a dumb decision to put the phone to my ear while driving.

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