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How Can I Protest For You?

When you walk into a store, unusually the sales clerk asks ‘how can I help you,’ because they want to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible. Reflecting on Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest for oppression against Black people and people of color by sitting during the National Anthem, many people are strongly offended. Many people on the internet including some of my Facebook friends think Kaepernick’s protest was disrespectful to the U.S. flag and veterans. So I want to know how I can protest for you? How can I voice my opinion about what I think is wrong in this country without offending anyone? Please write all answers on a piece of paper and drop them in my coffin because I will be dead by the time anyone finds an answer.

First of all, Kaepernick explained that his protest was not against veterans and that he supports the troops. I got into a debate with one of my friends. He disagreed with Kaepernick’s protest because he felt like it was disrespectful to our country and veterans. He said, “if people want their point heard, choosing a way that’s gonna piss people off is not gonna work.”

My friend doesn’t understand the concept of a protest. The method of a protest is to shock people to gain their attention to the problem. If your protest doesn’t offend anyone, then your voice isn’t heard. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would not be a prominent figure in the Black community if his protest didn’t piss people off. And, I’m not saying the main goal of your protest should be to offend people, but it should be to gain attention knowing that it will offend people.

So, since killing cops are against the law, marching in the streets causes heavy traffic, and sitting during the National Anthem is disrespectful to everything patriotism, can someone please tell me how I can protest against oppression without offending anyone?

Don’t bother answering that question because there isn’t one. Kaepernick is a perfect example of a peaceful protest. I don’t know how more peaceful someone can be other than simply sitting down. Kaepernick didn’t murder anyone, and he did not block traffic, he did not call anyone foul names, he only sat down and stated what he thought was wrong with this country, and people cannot handle that. So much for a country that supposed to be built Ford tough.

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