We Are God’s Shelby Mustangs.

Have you ever visited a car dealer’s website, for example,, without the thought of buying but just to look at your favorite car? Let’s say you go to and click on Mustang; then they give you the option of choosing a pre-build model or build it yourself. I bet most people would want to build the model themselves because the process of customizing the design feels more personal. It is an opportunity to make the car your own because it is customized to your liking and your personality.

This is how I believe God felt when he created us. God could have chosen to give breath to “pre-made” models of humans and make us all perfect and all the same. Instead, God personalized the human model in his image and created us to mimic his personality. Some people may say that God has an ugly personality with so much killing and starvation in the world. Well, that is an argument that is not relevant to this case, so I won’t touch on that subject.

However, most of the time we when we visit car websites we choose the car that we can realistically afford, and we customize it within our price range. But, sometimes we like to step outside the box and imagine what it would be like to have a more expensive car. Sometimes we like to choose the most expensive model of car and customize it just for fun. So, let’s say that you want the Shelby Mustang, the most powerful and costly model of Mustangs. The price starts at $58,000. You customize the Mustang and look at it in awe because you have chosen the most expensive and extravagant model of Mustangs and customized it to your liking; it’s probably the most beautiful and unattainable car you ever laid eyes on.

This is how I viewed God when He created us, but slightly different. Humans are God’s most expensive and precious models. We are the Shelby Mustangs of God’s creation. And, because God customized us in His image then that means our value has become even more expensive. Imagine after God created us that he went to the financing option and saw that the price to buy said, “With innocent blood.” There was no option to lease us, no monthly payment option, no down payment option, not even a test drive. If God wanted to cherish His customized model of human beings, He would have to shed innocent blood to obtain his creation.

Can you imagine yourself shedding innocent blood for your favorite car? If you answer yes then I think its time to visit a therapist. But, this shows how much God loves his greatest creation that He shed innocent blood so that he could cherish us. No human being or animal can pay the price for God’s customized “Shelby Mustangs.” Therefore, God shed Jesus’s blood on the cross because his creation is so precious to him.

This is why it is important to recognize God as our creator. If not then we will never know our true worth, and we will judge our self-worth by human values such as our occupation, how much our family loves us, our skin color, the amount of money in our bank, etc. Without knowing God is our creator then we would always have to justify our value by our abilities. How can a Shelby Mustang know that it is a Shelby if it doesn’t know that it was built as a Shelby? It would have to test it’s ability and see if it can perform better than the GT and V6 models. But, it would have to be forever perfect for it always to assure itself that it is a Shelby. Once a mechanical issue happens, and it doesn’t perform as well as a V6 then it will start to doubt itself as the best model of Mustangs. Therefore, if we know that God is our creator, then we are aware that we are his greatest models through the good times and the bad.

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  1. I love this!!!!!!!!!!


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