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Don’t Worry.

Today my boss got mad at me because he thought I had a nonchalant attitude. He wanted me to print some certificates last Friday but my printer wasn’t working so I left a note on his desk saying that I could not print the certificates due to printer issues. I could have stressed out and beat myself up for not thinking outside the box and trying to use another printer. Instead, I took responsibility of my mistake and printed the certificates as soon as my printer network worked again.

My boss probably doesn’t think highly of me right now due to my lack of productivity. But, I have more moments when I do my job proficiently. I know that I do my job well and I won’t let a mistake make me feel like I’m a horrible employee. I know that I cannot please everyone all the time. The only thing I can do is learn from this mistake and not make it again. I also know that the mistake isn’t all my fault. I do take ownership of my part of the mistake but like the majority of all mistakes, not one person is completely at fault.

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