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Stop with the Excuses on Church Attendance.

Many people do not attend church regularly because they feel like the church is judgmental, the church is always asking for money, the people in the church as fake, etc. I’m not saying that none of these are true about some churches, but it is time we stop using flaws to not attend church service. Because if God is your #1 priority in your life then you will not let any negativity keep you out of church.

My exgirlfriend said she doesn’t go to church anymore because an old school woman judged her for wearing pants to church. So what! Students get judged all the time for the clothes they wear in high school but they don’t drop out, but let someone judge your clothes in the church and that’s enough for you to never enter another church again. Those high school students didn’t drop out because an education is important to them. Therefore, if your relationship with God is important don’t let a judgmental fashionist cause you to leave the church.

I know a friend who changed his religion to Muslim because his Christian church did not care for his grandmother when she was ill. I don’t want to put all the blame on the individual because the church has a responsibility to live the Word of God. But, the church is not God. The church is run by flawed people of faith. I can understand if my friend chose to leave that church, but to denounce his Christian faith means that the faith was never in his heart. When we deny God because of the church’s flaws then we do not have a personal relationship with God; we know God only through our church.

Some people leave the church not because of how someone treated them but because of the message they heard. As long as the message makes us feel good and happy we’ll come every Sunday, but once the message challenges our sins and we feel like the pastor is speaking directly to us we want to flee from the church and judge the church for being judgmental.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to church just to feel good. Of course there isn’t anything wrong with feeling happy in the church, but if I merely want to feel good I’ll go get a massage, or order Starbucks. I go to church for correction and instruction. If you want to grow your relationship with God by correcting your sins and receiving instruction on how to further your faith and works then a church is your schoolhouse and nothing else can replace it.

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