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I had sex on Valentine’s Day. Having sex on Valentine’s Day did not make the sex anymore pleasurable or meaningful because I did not love the person I had sex with. She was a woman a met on a dating website. We had talked on the phone for a week before we met. We met on the friday night before Valentine’s Day around 10:00pm and went to a club for dancing.

I drove to her apartment and we had a few drinks before going out. As responsible individuals we took a taxi to the club and back to her apartment. We had more drinks at her apartment than we did at the club. I had one beer and she had one glass of rum and Coke. But, when we got back to her apartment I was still feeling the alcohol we had at her apartment before we hit the club. It was after 12:00am alone in her apartment and we both were still tipsy, so the inevitable happened. We had sex.

I was still too drunk to drive so she allowed me to sleep over. She likes to sleep nude, so when we went to bed she stripped all of her clothes. Her body was not all that sexy to me. She had a nice size breasts but she did not have an ass that I liked. I’m more of an ass man than breasts man. I don’t care if you have B cups as long as that ass looks good.

I touched her. She touched me. We enjoyed each other’s touches. Then we fucked. My favorite position was doggy style. And, I felt like an animal too. Not because of the postition, but because I had sex with a woman I barely knew. The sex was all lust. No passion. Little foreplay. I was an animal who saw an available mate and I prowled and devoured.

It took a while for me to cum. I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t much interested in her body, or because she had a cheap condom brand. I blame both. As a westernized man I blame everything except the possiblity of my lack of sexual skills because the latter would hurt my ego and send me in a spiral of insecure sexual experiences. Then again, she said she enjoyed herself so it must have been the condom brand.

Overall, premarital sex is overrated. Movies, music, and other media sources make premartial sex seem like its much better than married sex. Other than the condom brand I believe I did not much enjoy the sex because we had no chemistry between each other. We were just two horny individuals experiencing a bond that should be between two people who have grown to love each other, not between two people who just physically met each other that night.

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