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To Give Is To Receive.

I remember in high school my ex girlfriend said that titthing is just paying for the church’s bills. She did not grow up in a Christian family, but I had, and I never thought of tithing that way. I was raised to believe that tithing is a spiritual offering. That when we give a portion of our income to God we are acknowledging that God provides for all our needs and everything we own is through Him.

Knowing that your tithes goes to the church’s bills instead of some magical vault into heaven does not give the excuse to not tithe cheerfully. If you want that kind of attitude towards tithing then you should stop paying your taxes because your taxes pays the president’s paycheck even if you did not vote him in office. Your taxes pays for the military operations even if you do not believe in wars.

Tithing is not just to keep the church building afloat. Tithing is a spiritual offering to God that says all you have is from God and ultimately belongs to God. God knows that it is you who wakes up in the morning and goes to work everyday. It is you who has to deal with a bad boss or annoying coworkers. It is you who spent four years at a university to have the career you have now. But, it is God who provides life in the morning for you to go to work, it is God who provided the financial needs to pay for that degree, and it is God who gives you the peace of mind to deal with a possible bad boss and co workers.

I don’t tithe with the mindset that I want to pay the churches bills, although if I am a member of a church then I should want to contribute to keeping the church’s doors open. But, what happens when we visit another church, are we not going to tithe just because we are not a member, or because the church has not yet proved worthy of our money?

If you have a mindset that you are only going to tithe when you feel like the church deserves it then you are missing the true meaning of tithing. I give my tithing whenever it is due because tithing is a spiritual offering. So, even if I’m giving my money to a spiritual corrupt church I do not have to fear that I’m wasting my money in continuing evilness because my offering is spiritual, so that God will use my tithes to bless the church and to bless my fianancial wisdom.

When I tithe I feel like God is blessing me with fiancial wisdom to not waste money on things I do not need and do not truely want. Although, sometimes tithing isn’t easy. The more money I make the more I tithe. And, it isn’t easy to give money when you don’t see it going towards a bill, groceries, a new pair of shoes, or a new electronic. The feeling is similar to why it is hard to give more money than you care to lose to a homeless person because you are not sure whether they will use it for good or bad. But, God is not an imperfect human being. We can trust that God will use our tithes for the betterment of our church and our financial wealth and wisdom.

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